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    Robin Lewis is a native of Louisiana who has been painting since 2011. Taking great care and concern in detail she has valued the opinion of others to offer her works to you.  Establishing this new business hopes to give you a chance to purchase an authentic Robin Lewis piece of art. All paintings whether on tile, canvas, slate, or objects is a Robin Lewis original. Artist Robin Lewis, now living in Florida decided to learn the value of art and let it grow with her there. Enjoying warmer weather,little threat of hurricanes and a view of Florida's beauty. Her new home is a small town mostly described as 'an hour from everywhere'. The rich culture of art appreciation with unlimited Flea Markets and craft shows has allowed her to expand her collection to you. 
    Her first creations were acrylic paintings on tile she displayed at a number of flea markets. Finding it easy to give her viewers detail she enjoyed the time spent on them. Her second decision of style she offers is acrylic paintings on slate. Not always an easy canvas with unusual edges and creative limitations due to size but when finished she found they were great decor inclusions to any household, for any reason. Last, she began to paint on canvas using both acrylic and oils. Enjoying the new elements and textures between paints she has had a passion for wanting to keep a valued beauty to her art. In the end your decision to purchase which ever one you choose is appreciated by us here and you are thanked greatly for that.
    You will notice that creative abilities are not limited to what would like to offer you. A small link on each page can direct you to a world of endless Photography of which Robin Lewis also is. is a great resource for our customers such as yourself. it gives you a place to choose an as is image and personalize your needs in decor with delivery right to your door. So many expressions in mood and feeling that seems to be the competition with her Painted Art at times,she is a pleased member there as well.  
    Finally, we want to take a moment to welcome you to our Odds&Ends store. With so much creation of course comes a mess of finds, what to do with and maybe someone can use this. So, what we decided to do about that turned into our store. A place where anything is a possible to find. We hope to be expanding our store with rare items and other creative options at a low cost just to keep the fun in our business and spirit of what art to us is for. 
    Never the less we Thank You for stopping in and Robin Lewis appreciates your business. Please forgive us if you have trouble in any way. We are a new website business and it is our first attempt. Please excuse any faults or difficulties for the time being.  We would also like to remind you that ALL items are a one of a kind. You Can Not purchase more than one here are anywhere else.    

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  I would also like to thank the following for believing in Robin Lewis the Artist: Charles Perron, Kim Bethea, Mary and Don Lewis,
Nolan, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Emerson, Mr. Bob Stansbury, Ruthie and Jack Larimer, Mr. Andrew Larimer, Ms. Arieana Perron, James and Weazie Perron, the greatest vendors on the planet at Stoke's Flea Market (that includes you Jim and the Brown's), Joe the local framer, Walmart, three taxi drivers, one bus full of people, my neighbors, and critics. I can't believe we are doing it. Ted the shed guy and lovely wife, ''Kiwi'' the dog, ''Squeakers'' the cat, ''Fish'' also known as fish, one slow walking free turtle, one blue runner 5 ft.long snake that went to heaven because of Juan the lawn man, a couple of Pelicans, lots of Seagulls, one maroon Coyote, a rude neighborhood dog, all bystanders who let me parade through their town, and the city of Inverness of which I was never important.
The Hell's Angels for guiding me here, The Fire Department for watching over my beauties and working so hard, The Cooter Fest. people, and many more. It has been wonderful amongst the Palms and Sand but it is time to go Home. Louisiana here we come! Oh, the soap lady and Cigar box lady for their kindness, you know who you are. Kevin Bacon and family, the Olive Garden bartender cause he is Cool, our favorite check out ladies and inspiring Jewelry makers of Florida for their timeless instruction, YA YA Sushi for their Benefits Recognition, the staff at Smiles for Citrus (so fun!), Inverness Middle and Lecanto High School for keeping the kid busy, Citrus Hills Club for our free membership, Greenbriar Rentals for our beautiful stay, Steve the handy man (I remember what you told me), the Fruit Stand Girls (I'm going to miss that place), Cocoa Beach for their hospitality, Tech Camp at the University of Rollins College and the staff their (we will miss you to not), Wells Fargo for putting up with a starving artist  and the New York Vendor by the beach that served us our very first Panada. Howard's Fleamarket for hosting us, Cowboy Junction, Dudley's Auction for our first taste and great finds, Antonelli's Martial Arts for our fun there,  R.L. Lewis the famous Florida blackman not to be confused for his beautiful piece for me to see at Tampa's International Airport. Florida's Agriculture Department retiree Mrs. Jenkins, The Lions Club of Inverness for their recognition, Neon Leon's for the option of hometown cooking, The United States Navy for their envolvment in bettering our stay here,  local free dental clinics provided by Florida Baptist Union efforts, Retired Veterans, Bay News 9, and Seminole country of Sanford for watching over my dad.  Rammestien for playing in concert here in America, and Ray's Baseball Team for my very first old fashion listen over the radio to a game ever. To the city of Maimi for your wisdom on the fast life, Thanks! The Villages Retirement Home and active members, George and the Funky Bunch and Grand daughter for your time and admiration, Don's Downtown and staff for checking on us, Keller's Bakery for offering king cake while missing us, Western Union, 7th Heaven Salon for making us beautiful, Bealle's of Florida, and Golden Corral of Florida in giving us what we wanted, United Artists for the tips, The Transportation/Transit for my walk way, the local
Native American Tribes for their support, three saw mill factories in the hidden pathes for the donated Cypress (Thanks!) a great canvas,, A Bead in, Lightinthe, also not to be confused for a tip on pottery technique,  Randy the Plant Guy who has a great job ahead of him, AND Marty. Marty you are our man, wish your son in the United States Airforce good luck, may I also note what a great friend you are!

  A final note to the great place in Florida that has given me a lesson on inspiration and motivation to do something different. My Blue Heron is for you. P.S. The Pres says 33% is not so much and Thank God the Hurricane missed Us All!!!


                                                                              Robin Lewis (artist)